number NOUN 1) a quantity or value expressed by a word, symbol, or figure. 2) a quantity or amount of something countable. 3) (a number of) several. 4) a single issue of a magazine. 5) a song, dance, or other musical item. 6) informal an item of clothing of a particular type, regarded with approval: a little black number. 7) a grammatical classification of words that consists typically of singular and plural.
VERB 1) amount to. 2) mark with a number or give a number to. 3) count or estimate. 4) include as a member of a group.
by numbers — Cf. ↑by numbers
have someone's number — Cf. ↑have someone's number
someone's days are numbered — Cf. ↑someone's days are numbered
someone's number is up — Cf. ↑someone's number is up
without number — Cf. ↑without number
DERIVATIVES numberless adjective.
ORIGIN Old French nombre, from Latin numerus.

English terms dictionary. 2015.